5-HTP Expained

5-htp Cells up closeResearch on weight loss has discovered that some of the more modern therapies involving naturally occurring compounds in the human body, tend to affect appetite and burn fat, like the 5-HTP found in the griffornia plant seeds.

This naturally growing plant contains generous amounts of 5-hydroxytrptophan or 5-HTP in the seeds of the plant and when extracted can help you shed pounds quickly.

This particular compound is essential in the production of serotonin in the brain. Of course, serotonin is very important in controlling appetite thus mood swings caused by being hungry. It is a neurotransmitter and resides in both the intestines and the brain regulating certain activities in the body like weight loss.

5-HTP is also involved in the metabolism of tryptophan, an amino acid that is found naturally in milk, meat, potatoes and some greens.  Tryptophan is an essential building block of proteins. Some of these proteins are used to manufacture hormones enzymes and antibodies.

There are many health benefits to pure 5-HTP which include helping people who have insomnia because the five HTP helps to produce serotonin as previously discussed which regulates sleep as well as hunger.

It effects hunger by reducing the urge to binge eat or emotional eat. Since it contributes to the production of proteins in the body, when the body gets enough of what it needs, it stops the craving. This directly alleviates binge eating which is associated with obesity. Studies have shown that women who supplemented diet with the 5- HTP eat fewer calories, and that led to losing weight.

This has been directly linked to the increase in serotonin levels which does in fact diminish the hunger response in the human body.

Physicians suggest that you take and HTP supplement rather than serotonin supplement, as it can access the brain from the bloodstream easier and quicker and a serotonin supplement cannot.

Research through clinical studies indicate that in this way it is safe for short-term use, which is about 12 weeks. The initial doses should be small, involving about 50 mg, taken first thing in the morning and about 20 to 30 minutes before meals.

Quick Summary

In summary 5 HTP, which comes from the griffonia simplicifolia plant seeds, contributes to the production of serotonin which has many additional benefits in the body. It regulates mood, affects appetite, and controls binge eating. when taken in smaller quantities for short periods of time (12 weeks) It is safe to use. There is nothing else in the weight loss supplement market that can have such a fast effect on weight loss because of how the 5-HTP enters the system which is via the blood stream.

You may read that taking this type of supplement for weight loss is not recommended because there has not been enough studies in not accurate in fact 5-HTP has been studies over the last 30 years and the clinical studies have accumulated within this time to draw attention from many different doctors including the Famous Dr. Oz and his TV show.

In fact doctor Oz did a full episode on how well this type of supplement works and just how effective it was at helping consumers lose weight.

Simply follow the recommended 5-HTP dosage, make sure you using a “Pure” product and not the junk made from the griffonia simplicifolia plant itself and you will in fact experience fast weight loss without side effects.

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