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Read some very interesting  5 HTP customer reviews which are vital for me as a shopper and I always want to know how well certain products I am shopping have worked for others. Here you can see real 5-htp customer reviews that explain how well the product has worked for people who have used our brands.

5 HTP Reviews

Keep in mind that truthful reviews should always reveal both the good and bad aspects of any product. If you haven’t already noticed most website will show customer testimonials that all read 100% positive when in actual fact this is not reality at all. A trusting source for any product you shop for will have truthful and honest customer reviews for you to read. Not every product is for everyone therefore not every product will work for everyone either.

Here is our list of 5 htp user reviews that we hope will help you decide if our brand of 5-HTP Max is right for you.

5 HTP Customer Review Michelle

5 HTP Customer Review Michelle

This is Michelle, from Alberta, Canada and she emailed us saying how impressed she was with the speed at which she lost weight.

She order our product and was using it for 18 days at the time of this photo. After some correspondence through emails she agreed to send us a picture. Here is a copy of her first email to us.

“I have to say I am very impressed with my results, your product works great! I wanted to let you guys know that I am just amazed!!!. Please let you boss know you have a great product”  – Michelle

Meet Kelly Moore from Toronto, Ontario who contacted us about her success using our 5-HTP Max formula. We spoke with here a few time through Facebook and we asked her to share any tips she might have and to send us a picture showing her success and she did. Here is what she had to say…

5 HTP Customer Review from Kelly Moore

5 HTP Customer Review from Kelly Moore

“I can’t tell you how great your product has worked for me, my friends are noticing and I’m my way back to my original weight. I have been spreading the word. What shocked me was the speed I started to lose weight. I do want to mention that drinking lots of water is a good idea as I found myself with a dry mouth most of the time but no appetite. I would eat 2 pieces of toast in the morning with my yogurt and snack on an apple or pear mid morning. Lunch was a tuna sandwich and carrot sticks. Supper was whatever I wanted like a slice of Pizza, Take out etc. But for the most part I just wasn’t hungry at all. I would never miss breakfast no matter what and supper was almost always light. Thanks for your help I’m a loyal customer from now on”.

5 HTP Customer Review from Rossie

5 HTP Customer Review from Rossie

This Rossie from Oakville, Ontario who left a 5HTP Review in our email. She lost 13Lbs after just 7 weeks which is amazing.

“I’m a female, 28, semi-active and noticed my hips were developing along with belly fat. I have no children but I started to see a pop belly. I don’t really eat much on a whole but started developing bad eating habits about 3 years ago.
I have tried a few different products for weight loss after seeing them on the Dr. Oz show but it seemed every month he was talking about a newer solution to weight loss, I couldn’t keep up. I was taking the green coffee bean extract for 4 months and seemed to gain weight my first two months. I seen 5-HTP on Dr. Oz and was impressed with the results he talked about so one again I jumped on board because I was 15lbs overweight and my friends were noticing.
After only 5 DAYS I started to feel better about myself and I think I lost like 2lbs that first week. 4 weeks later I lost 7lbs and was completely blown away. It has been 7 weeks now and I have lost 13lbs and a feel great. Very impressed and I have told my friends about your product.”

More 5-htp customer reviews to come.

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