Fast Ways to Burn Fat

Using and exerting muscle tissue is the secret weapon in burning fat in the body faster. Our muscles need fuel and oxygen therefore they drain the body of calories and when none are available to burn it takes from our bodies fat store.

The Fast Ways to Burn Fat is To Add Muscle

When this happens our bodies metabolism begins to elevate turning the body into a fuel burning furnace. The higher our metabolism the higher rate at which we burn fat.

By exercising and adding muscle to your frame also offers a great number of added health benefits, not the least of which include a reduction in the likelihood that you will suffer back pain, high blood pressure and decreased sexual performance later in life.

Men with excess body fat in the form of a pot belly will increase their chance of suffering from erectile dysfunction with will play a much greater role in the sex lives. Just one more reason to elevate your  metabolism by adding muscle tissue through regular exercise!

#1 Rated Fast Fat Burning Exercises

The Squat

Squat exercises

This exercise uses some of the biggest muscles in the body all at the same time thus sucking the body of energy stores. Simply space your feet at shoulder width, extend arms straight out  in front of you and keeping your back straight, squat down until your thighs are parallel to the floor and back up again without lifting your heels.

Any exercise that involves these muscles will help you shed pounds quickly. In fact, this method of increasing metabolism will burn fat fast and effective because your muscles will continue to burn fat even while you sleep.

Fat Burning Foods

Food intake is probably one of the most important aspects of weight control because foods like high carbohydrate or comfort foods actually flood our brains with serotonin and not only make us feel highly satisfied after eating them but they will also elevate our metabolism triggering us to burn fat rather the store it.

Protein!  Protein! Protein! is the next food type you need to be concerned with rather than just focusing on high carbohydrate foods all the time. Fact is protein requires more energy to digest it turning the body into a higher elevated metabolism furnace. We will burn more calories than if we adopted a high carbohydrate or high fat diet.

There are supplements you can get the boost metabolism without changing your diet like Green Coffee Bean or Garcinia Cambogia which will actual block fat storage from excess calories.

Great sources of protein are eggs, salmon, nuts, and sources of lean beef provide an excellent means to add protein to your diet and increase your metabolic rate so that you can burn fat faster. Protein powder, in the form of whey, is also a terrific source of protein.

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