Hunger Suppressant Facts

Hunger Suppressant Clinical Studies

Hunger Suppressant Clinical Studies

There is no arguing with real hunger suppressant facts taken directly from our source, Carnevale G, et al. Anxiolytic-like effect of Griffonia simplicifolia Baill seed extract in rats. Phytomedicine. (2011).

Lab Trials Show Amazing Results

This study conducted on lab rats clearly shows that, 25-100mg/kg of Griffonia Simplicifolia (20% 5-HTP) effectively reduced the food intake of healthy female rats by approximately 33% (from 60g/100g bodyweight to around 40g) with 25mg/kg of the seed extract being equally effective as 100mg/kg (no dose dependence).

At the a 40% level in humans, taken 2 – 3 times a day would show considerable amount of weight loss in a shorter period of time due to its hunger suppressant effectiveness.

After 9 days of assessment on the female rats the reduction in food intake persisted and the study was then conducted on male rats following the same protocol yielding the same results.

The Results of Human Trials

An extract of Griffonia simplicifolia (10.24mg giving 2.56mg 5-HTP; confounded with Centella asiatica and Taraxacum officinale at 11.7mg and 4.55mg Paulina cupana and 9.75mg Artichoke Extract) taken in three hits, five times a day (40mg 5-HTP total), by 20 overweight or obese females (non-depressive and without eating disorders) for 4 weeks has noted an increase in satiety and reduction in binge eating tendencies.

It was this increase in satiety that was said to account for the improved hunger suppressant resulting in safe weight loss results seen in the experimental group.

With the correct diet plan which includes a lower calorie diet would increase the rate you would lose weight. In addition switching to a healthy diet and light exercise, for example walking, would help to boost your fat burning ability (Metabolism) and expedite the process even further.

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  1. where can i buy 5 htp?

    I want to know where I can buy 5 HTP in Canada? I live in Toronto and want to pick some up. Anyone?

    1. Richard Jarvis Post author

      It’s hard to find in stores but you can check Walmart. Keep in mind if you do not buy it online it will NOT come with a full money back guarantee. You cannot take supplements back for a refund if you decide you don’t like it.


  2. Eugeni H

    Right away each morning I take my supplement with breakfast, After about an hour I feel alert and very aware, I mean I’m not tiered in any way and I feel very “on the ball”.

    Love this product!


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